My Second Year at LTC

When I first arrived at LTC for my second year, I was a bit restless. Within a day, however, I was comfortable in my surroundings and fit in relatively well with my cabin. The first big thing was making the banner for our cabin. It took two and a half hours and lots of patience. When the banner was complete, the whole cabin felt closer to each other.

By day three, we felt like we had known each other for months. We played sports daily. I felt that all the sports we played were great! We played water polo, kickball, and dodgeball. Not only did the sports offer a time for us to let out some stored energy, but also a time for us to get even closer with our cabins.

The food was great. My favorite was the night we had tacos. All the meals had the perfect blend of taste and nutrients and kept us going all week long. We also had a lot of fun playing card games, board games, ping pong, and air hockey on the one day it rained.

Overall, LTC is an experience I would recommend for any DeMolay in Region 1. The staff is very friendly, and if you have questions about just about anything they most likely have the answer. They also are willing to listen if you just need to talk. The venue is also amazing with it’s two waterfronts, chapel, cozy cabins, and kind kitchen staff. I learned a lot and had a lot of fun making new friends. Ten out of ten, would recommend.


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