Representative DeMolay

The Representative DeMolay Award, created by “Dad” Land, is the highest self-achieving award that an Active or Senior DeMolay can earn.  It is a self-assessment program where you take a reflective look at your interests, achievements, general knowledge and habits.  Here are some of the areas in which you will be required to take a circumspective look at yourself:


Self-Expression – How do you hold yourself inside the Chapter Room?  What kind of attitude do you take when holding an office with a speaking part, presenting committee reports, debating and participating in a DeMolay forum, or legislation?

Hobbies – What pastimes do you partake in?  How do they affect you and your growth as an individual; positively or negatively?

Physical Activities – Are you active, either inside or outside the chapter, in your daily life?

Religious Activities – How have your religious opinions changed since being in DeMolay?  Are you supportive of the non-denominational events that your Chapter participates in?

DeMolay Activities – What have you participated in since joining DeMolay?  Staying active in even the smallest of events can lead to a fun and enjoyable time in DeMolay.

Citizenship – How have you gone out of your way to make the lives of those around you better?  Are there any ways that you plan to give to those that need help?

Civics – Differing from citizenship in the sense that civics pays closer attention to an understanding of government and what is going on in the political world of your city, state or country.How informed do you feel you are in the events of your state, country, or world?


The Representative DeMolay is a look at your growth since joining DeMolay as well as what it will bring you. The only requirements are that you must have been in DeMolay at least six months by submission and hold your Obligation Card.

When completed, the final form must be signed by your Chapter Advisor and forwarded to your Executive Officer.  Make sure to pay attention to the neatness, spelling, and grammar of your content as it will be taken into consideration.



Fillable Application


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